Gift Certificates:  Available in any
      amount - great for anniversaries,
      weddings, showers, holidays,
      birthdays, any occasion

Refer-A-Friend:  20% off any
      future service to those who refer
      a friend or family member who, in
      turn, use my services

Senior Discount:  I offer a 10%
      discount to all senior citizens who
      use my services 

Military Discount: I offer a 5%
      discount to active duty or retired
      military personnel - cannot be
      combined with Senior Discount


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     I’m Coko, The Organizer 4U.  I help individuals take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper piles, their lives! I clean and organize your life and take care of all those messes that are too overwhelming to even think about doing.

     Have a daunting task on your hands? I'm your gal. From cluttered closets to gross garages and offending offices, I'll work my magic and you'll be amazed at the results. I'll also create a filing/organizing system tailored to your specific needs at no extra charge! It's the total overhaul you need in your life. Call me today for your no-obligation, FREE consultation: (916) 804-1765.

     Many of your unwanted items can be donated to local shelters in need, as a way to pay it forward to the less fortunate in our community. Often, I can donate/deliver these items for you free of charge for you and present you with a donation receipt for your taxes.  Working with me gives you the ’warm-fuzzies’ helping the homeless and less fortunate.

Please see my Facebook page for more before and after photos.

Serving Sacramento, Yolo & Solano Counties

If you can relate to any of the following statements,
you need my services:

I feel like I never have enough time to get things done

I regularly incur late fees due to not paying bills on time

I still have my holiday decorations up from last year

I'd get ready quicker if I could locate items in my closet

I dream of having a household filing system

I'm organized but my family is not

My kitchen counters are always cluttered

I'm always late submitting my taxes

I feel bombarded by my mail and papers

I have clutter in most rooms of my home

Some Interesting Statistical Facts:

75% of all visits to physicians are stress related

80% of papers that are filed are never referenced again

32% of people with 2 car garages only have room for one

25% of people with 2 car garages don't park any cars in their garage

Each year about 100 million households receive 1636 billion catalogs

25% of adults say they pay their bills late (incurring fees) because
lost them

In 80% of households clutter is the result of disorganization, not
     the lack of space

The average American burns (loses) 55 minutes a day looking for
     things the
 can't find

The average US executive wastes six weeks annually (1 hour per
     day) searching
 for missing information in messy desks and files

Purchases related to disorganization could cost as much as
     15 - 20% of your
annual budget: buying duplicates, finance
     charges, and last minute shopping

Getting rid of excess clutter would eliminate 40% of the housework
     in an
 average home

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