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NO FIELDS ARE REQUIRED: Fill in the information you feel comfortable providing, including your preferred method of contact (phone/email).  All the information you provide is absolutely confidential.  
PRIVACY:  I support your right to privacy.  I will never sell or share your personal information with anyone.  Additionally, I will not solicit your referred friends or family.  Thank you.

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What To Expect:

A FREE consultation is perfect if you know your business, home, family, office or life is not as organized as you'd like it to be, but you are not sure what needs to be done or where you should start.  Together we will:

Tour your space
Discuss what is and isn't working
Discuss what bothers you and why
See what equipment, tools & supplies you have to work with and
      what else you may need to purchase (I will always try to save you
      money by working with what you already have)
Figure out your goals for the future and implement permanent organizing
Start with a 3-bin theory: keep, donate and purge
List & prioritize specific projects that need tackling
List the tasks that go with each project

By taking the extra time to understand your specific needs, I can better manage the project and make faster progress.  An organizing session will require your undivided attention.  We will implement practical, simplistic systems enabling you to achieve a higher level of personal productivity and success.

Each and every client is different.  I pride myself on taking your goals, desires, and personal choices into consideration.  I teach you skills that enable you to maintain the systems established and become more organized in your daily life.  It is typical for us to work together.  Certain decisions can only be made by you.  My job is to guide you through the decision making process.  How long your project takes and costs depends on many factors, including your ability to make decisions and how much you wish to do on your own.  Please do not straighten up before I come; it helps me to see how you function on a day to day basis.

Services Offered:

 Residential/Home Office 
Home Offices
Garages & Basements
Photos & Memorabilia
Garage & Estate Sales
Laundry Rooms & Lofts
Collections of All Types
Bedrooms & Bathrooms
Storage Units & Warehouses
Kitchens & Family Rooms
Packing & Moving Assistance
Paper Management Systems
Closets, Cupboards & Pantries
Household File Management Purchase/Install Organizing Kits

 Business Organizing
Paper Management
Analyze Work Flow
Office Space Planning
Workspace Organization
Develop Work Systems
Paperless Office Conversion
File Storage / Management
Identify Waste (time & money)


Residential / Home Office Organizing:
Time Package
Mon - Fri

  1 Hour Pkg:
$  40
 $  45
  2 Hour Pkg:
$  80
 $  90
  3 Hour Pkg: (5% price break)
  4 Hour Pkg: (5% price break)
  5 Hour Pkg: (5% price break) $190
  6 Hour Pkg: (10% price break)
$216   $243
  8 Hour Pkg: (10% price break)
$288   $324
10 Hour Pkg: (10% price break)
$360    $405
Business Organizing:

Time Package
  1 Hour Pkg:
 $  50  $  55
  2 Hour Pkg:
 $100  $110
  3 Hour Pkg: (5% price break)
 $143  $157
  4 Hour Pkg: (5% price break)
 $190  $209
  5 Hour Pkg: (5% price break)
 $238  $262
  6 Hour Pkg: (10% price break)
 $270  $297
  8 Hour Pkg: (10% price break)
 $360  $396
10 Hour Pkg: (10% price break)
 $450  $495

Organize Your Life Today Without Breaking The Bank!

Save Money  Have Less Stress  Have More Time
Be More Productive  Simplify Your Work  Perform Better  Increase Your Bottom Line

Gift Certificates:  Available in any
      amount - great for baby showers,
      anniversaries, weddings, holidays,
      birthdays, any occasion

Refer-A-Friend:  20% off any
      future service to those who refer
      a friend or family member who, in
      turn, use my services

Senior Discount:  I offer an
      additional 10% discount off my
      services to all senior citizens.

Military Discount: I offer an
      additional 5% discount off my
      services to active or retired military
      personnel - c
annot be combined
      with Seniior Discount

Travel Time: Travel time of 45
      minutes one way is included in the
organizing fee.  Travel charges of
      $35 per hour will be
added when
exceeds 45 minutes each
      way (barring regular
and/or accidents).
Cancellations:  Cancellations and
      appointment changes,
sometimes necessary, are a
  The consideration of
      proper notice is appreciated.  In the
      event of frequent cancellations,
      changes or no-shows, I reserve the
      right to bill for appointments that
      are not cancelled within 36 hours of
      the appointment time.  Cancellation
      will be billed at $100.

Payment:  Payment is to be made
      at time of service via check or

Overtime  Design time and/or time
      exceeding scheduled sessions will
      be billed at 1/4 hour increments at
      the corresponding hourly rate.

Shopping:  I can provide shopping
      for organizing products.  Time will
      be billed at the corresponding
      hourly rate.  Client agrees to
      reimburse me for authorized

Legal:  Suggestions regarding
procurement and/or retention of
      legal, financial and accounting
      documents may be made to
      expedite the organizing process.
      However, all final decisions
      regarding these documents should
      be made by your personal CPS,
      Attorney or Financial Adviser
Other:  Clients are asked to
      remove and secure firearms and
      other "private" personal items from
      work areas before work begins.

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