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I have been  confirmed bachelor for 15 years now and my lifestyle and home have reflected such.  After getting to a point where I was embarrassed to entertain and have guests at my once beautiful home, I d ecided to call in a professional.  I called Coko on Monday, and by Friday I was having a dinner party.  She changed my garage from a cluttered storage area to a man cave any man could be proud of.  My once double walk in closets which had just consisted of four different piles of clothes, has been transformed into a well organized, easy to maintain storage system that would never have crossed my mind.  She did this work quickly, independently and cost effectively.  It would have cost me more money to just dispose of the items than it cost me to hire her.  I also felt good knowing that the items I donated were going to find a good home.  And part of Coko’s fee was going to a charity that I support dearly (Susan G. Komen).  Another thing that I was impressed about is Coko’s willingness to go above and beyond.  For example I paid her to organize the garage and my bedroom and she took it upon herself to organize the entire home.  I plan to have Coko in once a month to maintain my now more healthy home and lifestyle.

Our homes are a reflection of our inner selves.   If your home is a mess, then most likely you are a mess also.  After Coko’s initial visit I can truly say I feel better about myself, my home, and my lifestyle.  To say I strongly recommend The Organizer 4U is a severe understatement!  Thank You Coko!

- Robert Charles Wallace II, West Sacramento, CA

After years of neglect my garage went form a handy area to host the boys for poker night to a catastrophic mess of boxes, unused outdoor gear, and piles of nameless junk.  For months I would say this is the weekend.  This weekend I take back my man cave.  Then ultimately I would open the door take one look at the task at hand and decide that maybe I had better things to do that day.  And so the pile grew.  It got to the point where I could hardly walk from one end to the other.  I decided enough is enough, I needed help and I need to swallow my pride and call in a pro.  After some searching I found Coko’s site and gave her a call. 
Long story short, Coko is amazing.  With hardly any help and no guidance on my part she took back my garage.  The surprising part was how little I had to throw out.  She was able to condense a mess that took up the whole garage to about a quarter of its original size.  I can even fit two cars in the garage if I want to.  I would highly suggest giving her a chance if you have a huge mess on your hands. Thanks Coko, you’re the best!

- Brad Burlison, Elk Grove, CA

Coko is an angel.  She came and organized my home and helped me get rid of things I no longer needed.  Her systems are efficient and you wounder why didn't I think of that as it makes so much sense and my home runs smoothly now. Of couse you have to use her recommendations to keep it up, but if the clutter overwhelms you again just call on The Organizer!  She is so pleasant to work with that you will want to call on her for all your organizing jobs.  Thanks Coko, you are a true angel.

- Sherri Willer, Dobbins, CA

Coko is amazing!  I am disabled and recently had surgery.  I had much difficulty in getting to things in my home.  Coko arranged and organized several rooms, providing me easy access to the items I need to get to.  I am so grateful for her help.  She was so cheerful and helpful and just an all around pleasure to deal with.  Her rates are very reasonable even on my fixed income, and she surprised me with a 10% senior discount that I didn't even know about - who does THAT?!  Also, she called to confirm the appointment the night before and showed up on time!  Thank you Coko, you made my world a little brighter.

- Paula Gillock - West Sacramento, CA

I am still happily stunned with my new activity room.  With six children and being pregnant with my seventh, it was quite a disaster.  Coko organized and straightened it all up; books, games, videos, etc all back on the shelves and in order.  I didn't need to get rid of much, just needed reorganization.  I thought it would take her three days or more, but she did it all in one afternoon.  She's quick and very efficient.  Thanks Coko, I appreciate my new, clean space!  Oh, and she wouldn't take any money, explaining her 'mission' while on the road.

- Christy Boals, Oregon House, CA

I have an over-sized 'activity closet' which I'd thrown stuff in for years.  It got so I couldn't even walk into it let alone try to find or retrieve something.  It took a couple hours on two afternoons to complete the whole job.  Now everything is labeled and organized and simply beautiful...I can now finish those projects I've been meaning to get to.  I truly want to show off my closet.  And to top it all off, she refused to take a penny for her work, explaining the journey she was on to simply help others (she did accept a container of bug repellant since I sell Avon).  If you've got clutter, Coko's the one to call.  I've already refered her to several people.  Coko you're an inspiration to us all...thank you.

- Kandee Swindle, Oregon House, CA

Coko does a fantastic job of whipping your home or office into shape.  I'd definitely recommend The Organizer 4U to anyone who needs to clean up their closets, office, garage, etc.

- Sam Jaramillo, West Sacramento

This company saved my life!  I was physically unable to get my home organized after moving to this area a year ago and struggling with the disorder each day became overwhelming.  The longer I struggled the more impossible the task seemed and the more hopeless I felt.  One call to Coko and my worries were over.  She completely organized my garage, kitchen, office and storage area quickly and economically and I now feel empowered to live life to the fullest.  Frankly, you get more than you pay for when you do business with Coko.  Her rates are great and her speed and accuracy make them a bargain at twice the price.  She was a joy to have in my home and I'm recommending her to all my friends.  Thank you Coko...I have my life back!

- Wendy Hughes, West Sacramento


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